#11 A.K.A. Mr Goody Two-Shoes

I met Mr #11 on a night out and few months later he took me on a date.

After speaking to him very briefly on the night we met, I had to rely on texting to get a feeling what he was like. Frankly, the initial picture was perfect: he’s a policeman (hot!); he’s taller than me in heels (a major thing when you’re 5.11’=180cm); he loved snowboarding (finally, I’ll have someone to go on winter holidays with); he had his own house (all sorted and won’t ask to crash on my coach after the date, cause his roommate is having some friends over) and loved doing handy man jobs around it on the weekend (hot!!); he loved animals (being an absolute dog person, I didn’t appreciate him having a cat, but figured we can straighten this out after I move in*) and finally, he was 10 years older than me (just finishing uni I was fed up with uni guys, whose life plan after uni was to start a band and become an A-class celeb).

*I surely am an odd one, but I can promise you that at leat 8 girls out 10 think about things like moving in together before even getting to know a guy properly.

On the first date he rocked in with a broken hand and explained it happened at work as he punched a guy, who was being abusive to his girlfriend. Rescuing a poor woman from a domestic gave him extra 100 points straight away (hot hot hot!). He was being a gentleman all night, we had a pleasant conversation and seemed to share quite a few interests. As we were walking back to the metro, I got that funny feeling something’s not quite right there, but I couldn’t put finger on it. So when I said “Bye. Speak soon.”, I actually ment it.

Didn’t have to wait long till he asked me out again and I happily agreed. Five minutes into the second date it started becoming clear what felt not right about it: Mr #11 was Mr Goody Two-Shoes.

I really appreciate a real gent, but a man always has to be a man! 10 years older than me, Mr #11 wanted me to decide where we going, what we’re doing,  where we sitting, what we’re drinking, starters/no starters, call it a night/stay a little longer.. It got to a point where he asked me if I think he should stay out for a couple with his mates after I leave… A man..? 10 years older..? Asks me..? After the second date..? Seriously?!?!

Soon after that night I told him I don’t think it’s going anywhere.

I know that after reading this most men will think that I’m being a hypocrite: I moan about meeting douches, really bad guys that would treat me like shit. And then I also slag off a guy because he’s too nice. BUT there’s a fine line between being a ‘bad guy’ and being a push-over. And keeping that balance is vital.

For those, who don’t know me (I’m really hoping there are at least a few souls that aren’t actually related to me and find this blog engaging): I can be intimidating at times, very argumentative and overly opinionated about every single thing under the sun.
But, I recognise that and still believe there’s a man out there, who’ll appreciate it as a trait of a strong person and will have bigger balls than me so to put me in my place! (‘YOU BELONG IN THE KITCHEN, WOMAN!!!’ kinda man I’m looking for, you see…)
At the end of the day, I rather do stay single forever than end up with someone, who doesn’t have the guts to argue with me. Or worse, doesn’t have an opinion that would lead to even starting an argument.




About Paula Stei

PR girl by trade. Would happilly slap anyone claiming PR is not a profession and Lithuania is a part of Russia. Sociable, ambitious, wannabe-mother-of-five.
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6 Responses to #11 A.K.A. Mr Goody Two-Shoes

  1. Alessandro says:

    Your too funny! But also correct in your observations. He gave it away with the old I broke my hand protecting a damsel in distress 😂😂 doubt it!
    Keep up the good work! This blog is the makings a of a great rom com!

    • Paula Stei says:

      Am I too naive believing he did actually brake it protecting that women… Geordies’ domestic seem quite harsh 😀

      Thanks, Alessandro! If it ever becomes a rom com, I promise you tickets to VIP premierre.

      • Alessandro says:

        Il hold you to that! 😉 if anyone is going to make enough of an impact to inspire a Hollywood flic. I’d put my money on you!

        And I think so yea 🙂 If your breaking your hand hitting someone, your not doing it right at all, it’s laughable lol! Plus a PC can’t justify striking a civilian with a closed fist, never ever. He uses aikido type restraints and CS gas if his moves don’t work. 🙂

      • Paula Stei says:

        Thanks again! That’s an inspiring thought! 😉

        No knowledge about hitting people at my end so I certainly won’t argue! Yet another proof I’m better of without a guy.. Just curious hoe he actually broke it then 😀

  2. Eric says:

    Hi Paula,

    Really funny article. I enjoyed the read and think you will find a man who considers your strong opinions a plus. I certainly will.

    Eric, Owner of thetaoofbadass.com

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