What Women Want?

So here I am, embracing my mammoth singleness (and loneliness at times, I suppose) on Sunday night. Tucked in all nice, watching What Women Want.

Even though Mel is really at his peak, looking as good as ever exposing his perfect six-pack at least every 20 minutes, I still can’t focus on the movie. My mind is fully occupied by contemplations: what do women want?

While thinking to myself that I really know the answer to this question and still admitting that I would struggle to define it as a solitary thought, I tend to concentrate on different perspective…
I’m wondering is that THE problem? That men really don’t understand what women want. Is that the tussle that makes us feel so incomplete at times?

My thoughts totally take over so I end up not watching the happy ending of the sweet rom-com.

While I agree that it’s blatant that we are from different planets, I don’t understand why we, Venusians, don’t struggle to understand Martians, but it becomes a rocket science when it turns vice versa… It seems that understanding women for men is as complicated as understanding Mandarin for 2-year-old English baby.

(Miss Cynical Self enters.)

I veto this utter bulls**t!

I believe that men understand. Men understand what we (women) want. And at instances, when it becomes a wee bit more complicated, we are more than happy to explain.
If you’ll ask me straight I’ll be more than happy to share my desires.

(Miss Cynical Self totally takes over.)

I strongly believe that men understand. They understand, when they want to. The real problem is that more often than not they don’t wanna. They don’t want to understand because they can’t be bothered; because our desires are more complicated than just shagging and having beer in front of teli; because our appetites are bigger than most of male kind can feed…

I swear, this blog post doesn’t have to do anything with any particular individual. I am not having a go at any poor guy that couldn’t fulfill my neediness and keep up with my drive.

It’s just a general rant provoked by my lonely times, shitty weather and Mel Gibson being and absolute wanker for the first half of the movie.

Apologies to all decent male creatures.
(Miss Cynical Self leaves the room.)
I still believe there are some fabulous men on this earth.



About Paula Stei

PR girl by trade. Would happilly slap anyone claiming PR is not a profession and Lithuania is a part of Russia. Sociable, ambitious, wannabe-mother-of-five.
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4 Responses to What Women Want?

  1. markwlee1 says:

    ha, your posts always make me laugh ( in a good way )…you have a point to where guys “don’t wanna understand because they don’t be bothered.” All good guys should want to try to understand, ALL the time..not just when we want to… oh, if only Wisconsin was part of England, I would be much happier.

    • Paula Stei says:

      Thanks for following and engaging Mark 🙂

      I know, not all men are douches that I usually refer to in these posts. I just managed to attract the worse part of the population.

      Only if… 😉

  2. Jame Foley says:

    Hey I just stumbled upon this blog and It’s actually kept my attention to the point where I’ve read all of your posts upto this one! Quite remarkable that you’re writing about such an intimate part of your life with no fear, it’s very respectable and you should keep on writing more!

    My advice to you is know what you want and who you want. You don’t want to be lonely, trust me, it sucks! You will find your true love one day, just keep on looking, you never know, you might find it somewhere you’d never expect to find it, stop looking with your head and start looking with your heart 🙂 Being single isn’t a bad thing, being lonely is, hang out with your flatmates more often! If you don’t have any then get some!! Enjoy life and give people you’d never give the time of day a chance! Take it all as a learning experience….

    • Paula Stei says:


      Thanks a lot! It’s always amazing to hear that people like it and engage. As for intimacies, not going to lie: whenever there was anyone really special in my life, I didn’t blog about it… These posts are more ‘blatantly not leading anywhere’, fun thing.

      TRUE LOVE: we’ll see. I’m more of a ‘I’ll let it come naturally’ than ‘I’ll seek for it’ kind of girl.
      Most certainly agree, that being single is not a problem as long as you’re not lonely.
      Even though, sometimes my posts may suggest I’m both, I can assure you I’m only single, but not lonely. All the moaning is much exaggerated to make it more enjoyable to read 🙂

      Thanks again for reading and commenting!

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