Love. Or blah…?

I think.

A lot.

Even though some of this blog’s readers and my fellow friends may find it hard to believe, I do like to contemplate about all sorts of things…
And when I contemplate I like to light up some candles and listen to some music.

This time it was much-loved  Ben Howard that accompanied me, while I was thinking about what to think about… (Complicated, huh..? Imagine my not-so-wrinkly brains going into these intellectual labyrinths! No wonder they get lost so often…)

So, I was casually contemplating bout all sorts and loving my dearest Benjy, when this song reached its culmination (round 4:oo min). The moment when he starts repeatedly singing “Love love love…”, which after about minute’s LOVING turns into…. “blah“.

That got me thinking, is that how it actually works?
And at this point, I’m not talking bout Ben’s articulation or the quality of the record.

I’m on about love turning into blah after so long.
Is it just me being very cynical and hearing things the way my lonely, slightly miserable self, prefers to hear them on this rainy night? Or is it the sad truth that love can no longer last, in these times of day-long marriages, polygamy, bride shopping and other XXI century crap?

I haven’t been lucky enough to grow up in a family, where love didn’t eventually turn into blah. In fact in my childhood’s home the most PDAs must have been expressed by myself towards our old and very loyal cat.
But is my family a rule or an exception? In other words, is love turning into blah, after a certain time, a rule or an exception?

When I look around, the statistics are sad.
And I’m not scrutinising my friends’ relationships.. Oh no no, not talking bout twenty-somethings looking for their perfect matches.
I’m looking at time-tested relationships. Or at least, what should be time-tested relationships; I’m looking at my parents, my friends’ parents, their friends… And I can only think of a handful of couples that lasted… That passed the time exam and been happily together for at least 10 years. The couples, which saved their love from turning into blah..

Only a handful out of dozens of couples.

As I said: the stats are sad.

Thus, my further contemplations takes me to questioning how am I supposed to believe in love and it’s infinity? How am I supposed to believe in something that I’ve never seen in my family? Or my best friend’s family? Or my neighbour’s family? Or anywhere but couple of odd real life fairy tales, for that matter…?

I gotta tell you kids: these contemplations ain’t leading anywhere pretty.

And even though this post raises more questions than offers answers, I can assure you of one thing: I still believe!

I don’t care about blahs. I don’t care about stats. I don’t care bout nada!

I believe in true love!!!

And I believe that it doesn’t have to turn into blah… no matter how many years passed and how much water run under the bridge. It can still always be love.

So for those ones, who already found it: hold onto it tight.
Put some effort in it. Work on it. Make it last.
Cause you want to be that exception, not the rule! That handful out of dozens!

And for those ones, who haven’t found it yet… DON’T LISTEN TO BEN HOWARD.
Nah, I’m just joking. You HAVE to listen to him. There’s no discussion.
Just keep on hearing that “love“, not the “blah“. Hearing and believing.

Buona notte, my cherished insomniacs xox


About Paula Stei

PR girl by trade. Would happilly slap anyone claiming PR is not a profession and Lithuania is a part of Russia. Sociable, ambitious, wannabe-mother-of-five.
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