I just really wanna. . . VOL2

As I’ve mentioned before sometimes I get super sloppy. True love, the special one for me, love at first sight… In certain stages of my life I do honestly believe in all that crap and get all upset thinking why I didn’t find it yet.

I tend to be the worst, when all the crazy parties are over, when all my friends have gone back to their families and loved ones, and I’m, most of the times, just left on my own. I go home to my lonely bed, tuck in with all my handsome teddies and dream about all the little things that would make my life complete… And even though, for the majority of my life I’m very cynical about romances and I believe in true love as much as in unicorns, I do enjoy my sloppy moments. The worst part is, when these occur I tend to feel an essential need to share them! So here we go…


My perfect future man, the father of my children, there are two things I wanna tell you:
1) you better move your ass and find me ASAP!
2) at this very second you should turn your teli down and read carefully cause all I really wanna…

I wanna buy my very first ion so I could ion your shirt.
I wanna wake you up in the middle of the night by putting my freezing feet between your legs cause I know you won’t mind.
I wanna go snowboarding with you and let you make fun of me, when I fall over for the millionth time.
I want to add them disgusting marzipan chocolates to my shopping list just because I know you love them.
I want to steal your tshirt and give them back smelling like me.
I really want to shiver, when you whisper something to my ear.
I wanna spoil you with attention and treat you like a baby, when you’re unwell.
I wanna fight like crazy for the remote control on our chilled night in and still finally let you watch whatever you wanna watch.
I wanna travel a lot with you so just to realise I don’t care where I am as long as I’m with you.
I want to call you silly nicknames so you’d chase me and try to fight me, which would turn out into a sweet smooch.
I want to take on massage classes cause I know how much you love getting a massage.
I want to move my girls’ night out so I could attend your special event.
I wanna get to know all your little flaws, which would make me love you even more.
I wanna tolerate all the sexist jokes your mates are making just cause I know their your friends.
I wanna see the pictures of your childhood and secretly photograph them so I could put them on my phone’s screen.
I want to liaise with your siblings, when they’re taking fun of you and then make it up to you, when we’re home…
I wanna try to learn to make sushi with you and just end up getting drunk on sake and being all silly.

And most of all, I just really wanna love you more than a fat kid loves McDonald’s!

Goodnight, my prince charming x

P.S. Fingers crossed I’m not gonna be reading this post and crying my eyes out in 1o years time. While surrounded by my 12 cats…


About Paula Stei

PR girl by trade. Would happilly slap anyone claiming PR is not a profession and Lithuania is a part of Russia. Sociable, ambitious, wannabe-mother-of-five.
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4 Responses to I just really wanna. . . VOL2

  1. markwlee1 says:

    “In certain stages of my life I do honestly believe in all that crap and get all upset thinking why I didn’t find it yet”, I’m the same way..

    you’ll find him, i’m sure of that.

  2. Mr. W says:

    Really “cute” to see that some people spend so long in the company of their literary romantic heroes. Consequently your ideals and expectations are high. Congratulations for your entertaining articles.

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