The Possessor Of The Massivest Head

What is more exciting than seeing a very attractive guy blatantly checking you out?! The same attractive guy trying to chat you up on the night following the ‘checking out’ activities!!!

I first saw #9 at the university’s freshers fair and I noticed him straight away as he was standing out of the other lads, because of how massive and good looking he was. I was soon made aware of his brief dossier by my friend, who knew him from earlier. As well as introducing me to the story of his life she briefed that his picture should be the image that comes up on google when you type in ‘fit’ … That’s how attractive she thought he was. And to be absolutely clear, from what I heard, the majority of female students at uni felt totally same about him.

After all day at the fair I got the vibe he noticed me too and I started getting all excited for the night following… When the friend, who first enlighten me bout the guy, said that he asked her if she and her hot friend (HE MEANT ME!!! #happytimes) are coming out, I got even more excited.

Me and #9 barely talked throughout the night till I was leaving and he politely offered to walk me home. It could have been a nice romantic walk…
But my  lovely, friends walking just in front of us, made sure it turned out into another fiasco in daily drama called “The Romances of My Life”. They were trying to wind me up by gossiping about us and laughing their heads off all the way… On the bright side, Mr. #9 could not understand a word as my girls were talking in Lithuanian. But it still kept me distracted from my newest prince charming as all they were saying was that he must be a drug dealer (massive, latin-origin guy = drug dealer… cheeky little racists!!!) and I’m gonna be taken and sold as a sex slave in Latin America… Cheers, guys! I just love how caring and considerate my girlies can be.

Gladly, I wasn’t taken and he just walked me home, got my phone number and asked me if we could go out sometimes!
Ohhh yes, we surely could!!!

As soon as I started seeing him I realised that the main reason I was attracted was the amount of girls that fancied him… Granted, he was captivating, but he wasn’t actually my type. However, many girls were saying he’s a right catch and quite a few of them were that smitten they even tried to walk the walk not only talk the talk. The amount of times I’ve seen girls on a night out trying to grind on him or make any conversation …. R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S! But in my little messed up mind it just put him on a pedestal and if anything made me even more keen.

Good thing about it was that he was into me either and after all the arguments and dramas we’d have, he would still always want me rather than any easy catch from his fan club. The downside though: he was sooooo spoilt by girls’ attention …
He always was nice to me and treated me well. But the size of his head (funny, cause here I’m hinting to his narcisim and over self-confidence, but he literary did have a humongous head) was making it all wrong… He always used to expect me to feel as if I’m the luckiest girl in the world cause I’m seeing him and I should go out of my ways to do that.

“Come and see me when and where I fancy, woman, cause I’m a god’s blessing to the female kind” – one sentence that basically defined his stand on us. Moreover, throughout couple of months we were dating the amount of times we argued because he would flirt with others right in front me could easily reach the number of China’s population…  I mean, it’s certainly not a bad thing to flirt with others, but when you’re doing it in front of someone you’re seeing – that’s just disrespectful.

Shortly we were both sick of arguing. Moreover, we used to barely see each other: he was too cool to go out of his ways to see me and I did not sign up for being a push-around so didn’t come running after he snapped his fingers. So we broke it all off.

Even though, #9’s story is not majorly exciting and doesn’t have much cringe effect to it, I felt it needed to be told as it once again have proven well-known facts:

a) Don’t fall for a guy that’s over self-confident – it won’t work out too well if he fancies himself more than you.
b) Don’t let other people influence your opinions – just because many other girls really would like to go out with the guy, doesn’t mean you have to be keen too : LISTEN TO YOUR GUT, WOMAN!
c) Don’t waste your time and energy if you’re constantly argueing with the guy – there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

Remember an important law of singleness: it’s better to be on your own, than to be with someone purely just for the sake of it.


About Paula Stei

PR girl by trade. Would happilly slap anyone claiming PR is not a profession and Lithuania is a part of Russia. Sociable, ambitious, wannabe-mother-of-five.
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2 Responses to The Possessor Of The Massivest Head

  1. dieguinprado says:

    So so glad you got out of that he sounds like a jerk I can’t believe you actually put up with that, you deserve so much better than that!


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