WeedHeads a.k.a. HeavyStoners

Since quite a few good-joint-lovers were mentioned in my beautiful blog (#1; #7 and I bet many others were passionate about weed too, they just weren’t so open about it i. e. never used to get ridiculously high around me), I felt an essential need to address this subject with a topical post. Certainly, not because marijuana plays any important role in my own life, but because I want express my views about it and I’m aiming to set some ground rules for this ecological, futuristic game called “Get High”.
As an examplery blogger I made my research before getting all critical and preachy. So let’s get cracking…

Exhibit A (First point goes to… THE JOINT)
64809_10152567681550045_1219000136_nThis caring moter in the picture totally has her point. I mean, if you’d criticise pot just because of how it affects your body,  you’ll inevitably end up being called naive and silly and told that your breakfast cerial causes more damage to your health with all the E’s in it, than green, ecological ganja.


Exhibit B (Second point goes to… STOP-GETTING-HIGH ASSOCIATION)
imagesNine times out of ten good old canabbis brings out the chilled rastaman out of every individual, which desides to consume it. Chilled- is cool, but personal hygiene is cooler. Moreover these individuals usually become all chilled not only with the cost of their hygiene, but with the cost of their social skills as well… As I once mentioned before (#1) weirdly starring  at your palms instead of keeping a conversation with your date; giggling creepily while wathcing a movie about the sadest story ever known by human nature or trying to convince your mates that these unicorns in your room are really planning on leaving soon so they should come and check them out… Such behaviour won’t make anyone think you’re funny/cool/chilled and may even totally scatter your reputation and make you become The Weird/Creepy/Seedy Guy No One Wants To Hang Out With…

Exhibit C (Third point goes to… THE JOINT)

Beloved Amy is just one of too many artists, who felt the need to create some sort of ode to this magic greenery. I guess, then it’s fair to assume that ganja is really fun as there are so many idolic people spending their precious minutes on mother earth to write  and produce songs about it… Moreover, today smoking pot is just trendy, popular, cool and …. trendy (?) Ok, I must be done with this point.

Exhibit D (Fourth point goes to… STOP-GETTING-HIGH ASSOCIATION)
Fox News: Amy Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning, second inquestconfirms
I’m not claiming that angelic miss Winehouse ended her life just because of getting stoned daily, but beware kids – it’s not lolipops. If you’re using it, used it with caution and make sure that:
a) You’re not getting addicted;
b) You’re not spending all your spare money on it;
c) You’re not becoming one of them people, that seems like they’ve completely lost the plot;
d) You’re not becoming a super fat, lazy stoner – weed does make you super chilled and does give you horrible munchies;
e) It’s not leading to any heavier drugs.

Sum up: even though, my analysis ended up being a fair play, without any winners, my own point of view is clear – too many reasons not to smoke and too less to do it. However, if after reading all this you’ll still decide to have a good joint  – please make sure it won’t become a weekly or even daily habit.

Homework: watch Wanderlust. And not only because Aniston’s hair is the ninth wonder of the world but because it ilustrates this post perfectly anf perpetrates the main idea: pot is good, when it lets you to live your life like you should. (I’m soo poetical today!!!)



About Paula Stei

PR girl by trade. Would happilly slap anyone claiming PR is not a profession and Lithuania is a part of Russia. Sociable, ambitious, wannabe-mother-of-five.
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