Mr Multiple Personality Disorder

Dom dom dom…  I’m back!
After a long summer vacation without social mediating and blogging I’m back on track for good! While I had my little romances throughout the summer I’m more keen on sharing experiences of dating while I’m back at uni, hence back to the UK – the land where I tend to meet all the biggest freaks from all around the world!

Enough with the small talk; let’s get down to business!

I met #7 (surprise, surprise..) in a night club. It was one my girlfriends b-day, which tells you all you need to know about my state from alcohol perspective. After few first dates we really seemed to click and certain circumstances made us move faster – on a night out my bag i. e. my house keys, were stolen and I had to go back to his. Even though there wasn’t anything else but a little cuddling and spooning involved it made us move from just ‘few dates’ stage to actually ‘seeing each other’ stage.

Of course there were a few unpleasant cases throughout our story… I probably should blame myself for bringing the rastaman out of the guys I’m seeing – much like Mr I’ll-Show-Up-Super-High-For-My-First-Date #1, #7 really liked a good joint. Quite a few times I was made to realise that there’s no way to void awkwardness when you’re the only girl in the room with your boy and a number of his flat mates while they’re getting super stoned! Yeah, I guess I could of joined them but getting higher than empire state building and giggling as a crazy-ass, while playing on xbox, is jut not my cup of tea.

As well as that, #7 had a weird habit of stealing his flat mates’ food. And trust me I can’t think of anything that would put me off more  than listening to my boy fighting with his mates over a slice of lasagna… And not only cause I’m vegetarian.

Anyways, other than these few bumps our road seemed nice and smooth. We were really having fun together till everything turned 180 degrees when he went home for our Easter break. Out of being pretty much* a couple we went to not speaking at all. For four weeks #7 didn’t text me nor facebook-messaged me and my few attempts to contact him were just ignored. Or should I say were put on hold?! Cause I heard from him just few days before he came back saying that he was busy, didn’t notice my messages and other sort of #bigfatlies.

When he got back and got questioned what the f*** was all that about, #7 just calmly explained that he just tend to not talk to people while he’s away. “I wouldn’t talk to my mum for months when I’m up doesn’t mean I love her less.” – I was told.
Ohh no, of course it doesn’t! It does mean you’re a careless, egocentric douche, though!!!

I called him a bipolar, cause it ain’t normal to tell a girl you really like her AND you wanna take care of her AND you love spending time with her AND you’ll miss her… and just cut her off the day after, just cause you leave town, country, continent or even f***ing planet! It’s just not right!
In a change he awarded me with this pic on my fcb profile.

I think I fell for a true gent once again, haven’t I?!

*Just for a future reference – pretty much a couple is a stage of relationship where you both have openly declared you are into each other and you don’t wanna see anyone else. However, none of you feel the need to have the ‘are we a couple or what?’ talk or change your statuses on facebook.


About Paula Stei

PR girl by trade. Would happilly slap anyone claiming PR is not a profession and Lithuania is a part of Russia. Sociable, ambitious, wannabe-mother-of-five.
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