I Don’t, I Won’t and You Shouldn’t!

This lovely picture represents what this blog is gonna be about.
No, it’s not gonna be about fake tan and it is, definitely, not going to be about duck-face posing. This post is gonna be about couples’ pictures.

No, it’s not me in the shot and for an absolute clarity, I don’t look anything like those charming creatures of nature. (I know, it is sad, that I’m using dialogue on my blog rather than monologue: YES, NO, etc., as if someone would be asking me stuff. But I just like to think that someone else but me is reading this and engaging… NOT!) I’ve just chosen a random picture to help you feel the vibe of the post. Well, not completely random – I’ve chosen a pic of people who, I think, are less likely to read my blog… Or less likely to read. Full stop.

Lets begin with the main message and then move on to the reason why I feel like I should be sending it out, and the consequences that are likely to struck you if you won’t pay attention to my wisdom (beware!!!).

Putting a photo of you and your friend/date/f***-buddy/someone you’re fancying, as your profile photo on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking crap, doesn’t make him your boyfriend!

Profile pictures with your family, besties, pets or even good-looking strangers is coolio. But profile picture with a guy that you’ve been out three times or  even made out a little in his car, makes you a clingy and needy stalker. And you don’t want that, do you?

You have to get it into your system, babe: your expectations on relationships are not necessarily meeting the guy’s expectations. It is very likely to be, that when you think you two are at the stage of ‘telling the world’ about your little romance, he is still thinking whether to see you again.

What happens when you put a picture like that on your profile photo? And I’m only considering situations where you’d be seeing quite a decent lad, cause the shitty ones, would just start ignoring you straight away and would pretend they don’t know you next time you’d meet them in town.
a) He won’t call you again and won’t ask you out and when you’ll text him he’ll say that he is busy tonight… and he’ll be busy for the rest of his life.
b) He’ll ask you to change your profile pic, cause it’s unfair to the other girls he is seeing (and he thinks he’ll start seeing them more, cause he’s obviously spending too much time with you) and will make fun of you with his mates over a beer.
c) In the best case scenario, he won’t say anything about it and even gonna ask you out again. But since you gave him the upper hand, don’t be surprised if he’ll start acting like a complete douche bag: you’ll have to go halfs on the dinner; he won’t walk you/give you a lift home; he’ll tell you that you should sleep with him, cause obviously you’re exclusive; etc.

Anyways, you’ll lose! So get it into your head – your own face is cute enough to present you on social net.
Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT, think you have a boyfriend just cause you have a profile picture with a lad.

P. S. As you probably understood, such things annoy me none less then it would annoy the guy in the photo. That is the reason why I felt it needs to be said. Simple pimple, duh!


About Paula Stei

PR girl by trade. Would happilly slap anyone claiming PR is not a profession and Lithuania is a part of Russia. Sociable, ambitious, wannabe-mother-of-five.
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