Who’s the freak now?!

#4 was completely different story to his former colleagues. Uhh ohh, charming #4, why you had to be the one who acted like a perfect gentleman while I was being such a lunatic?
Why, ohhh why, I can be absolutely lovely around freaks and have to turn into complete disaster once there’s enchanting man next to me?!!?!

I have to admit: there were times, when I took the freak’s part in the story. Sadly, lovely #4 was the occasion.

I noticed him on my first day at UNI. His presence made my registration day much more exciting than I’ve expected! Tall and well-built #4  had that confident look on his face that makes you shiver. And the most exciting part – he was a member of the university’s staff!

After 3ish weeks of me secretly staring at him, I started noticing (or imagining) that’s sometimes he gives me looks as well. I recall getting goose bumps every time our eyes would meet.

Since it was such a forbidden story – a member of university’s staff and a student – I’ve never thought anything could actually happen. I know there are girls who would try to hit on their teachers or lecturers, but it’s definitely not my thing. FYI : I don’t actually hit on men – if I like someone, I’ll let him be aware of the permission to hit on me (sigh, sooo cheeky); plus, although, he wasn’t actually a lecturer, I really thought it was way too “Notes On a Scandal”.

I was almost at the stage of stop drooling over #4, when one day he saw me hanging at UNI and actually came to chat. I think at that point my body just decided to f*** the whole thing up for me: I could feel my face turning traffic-light-red and my ability to speak completely vacating. I can barely remember what was said back then (I’m pretty sure my memory has ability to block conversations in which I witter and stammer, instead of talking properly ), but I’m sure that we exchanged numbers and he said he’ll take me out sometime.

So you got the picture- premiere of my social skills was a complete disaster, which led me to thinking that he’d never even consider asking me out. But he did! And I don’t know which one of us regrets it more… Same as in our first chat, I was horrible on our first date.
I’m planning on dedicating whole post to ‘No Nos When You’re Dating Someone You’d Fancy’, so let’s say it’s a short preview to that.
Couple of No Nos:

  • Telling a person you barely know, that you’re definitely not a fan of his native country, native traditions, trends, and pretty much all native people, is totally not cute.
  • Just an overall assumption, that you should be talking all the time if no one is interrupting you, is wrong.
  • Letting a guy see your bra on the first date is not cool. And doing it unintentionally is no excuse – be more careful when re-thinking what you’ll be wearing.
  • etc., etc., etc., etc. (yes, that many etc.s are needed, cause, yes, I was a disgrace.)

You don’t have to be any genius to realize that I messed it up with my prince charming.. He took me out one more time (gosh, this man really had same patience and faith in me) – to movies. #4 probably assumed he’ll enjoy my company more, when my mouth will be shut for most of the time – but I still managed to spoil it. On our way to movies and on our way back, once again, I was talking bulls*** all the time, and been all annoying.

After the second date, I received ‘I don’t think I have enough time for you in my life now’ talk. When saying that he can’t give me the attention that I deserved, he probably felt like adding ‘I realised that, when I’ve noticed that you have some special needs..’. But he carried on being a perfect gentleman and avoid the message ‘I think you have some mental issues’ in his goodbye.

Luckily, he said goodbye to my UNI at the same time as he did to me. Of course I am keen on believing, that I wasn’t THAT awful that I would make him change jobs, and it was just a coincidence.. Anyways, the timing was just perfect – after our failure in dating, bumping into each other at UNI would’ve been pretty awkward.

Mister #4 made me acknowledge that my inner freakiness is same unbearable as my discarded men’s. ;/ So maybe I should consider getting back with Mr Joint #1, Mr MultiplePersonality Disorder #2 or Mr CryBaby #3 ..?


About Paula Stei

PR girl by trade. Would happilly slap anyone claiming PR is not a profession and Lithuania is a part of Russia. Sociable, ambitious, wannabe-mother-of-five.
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4 Responses to Who’s the freak now?!

  1. Raphael St. Laurent says:

    Lol! Great Post… You had me laughing the whole way there…. Keep Posting!

  2. mknashualex says:

    very funny indeed..at least now when you’re writing about it:D…if it makes u feel better…u had the chance for proper dates…but me, besides of invitations for going over their places, I got promises such as: “i’m calling u tomorrow…for sure” so…it could have been worse:D

    • some of them dates were actually worse than not dating at all!

      but trust me, I had to go through lot to get to a point where I could share some actual dating EXPIERENCE.

      • mknashualex says:

        yes…but you see, you have to take the best from everything, I guess…u dated them..I learn from ur dates..fair enough?:)) but at least you know u tried, instead of sitting wondering “what if?…”:)

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