Third time lucky..? NOT!

As I’ve mentioned before, honesty is the key value in this blog, so I‘ll state openly – not saying I’m proud – there wasn’t always only one ‘number’ in the picture. In my defense,  most of them were no more than a few dates. And some of these ‘numbers’ (men) were actually nil (date wise), cause although I am really serious about my casual chats with all sort of weirdos and I promise to blog about them in the future, I’ll never count them as dating.

So by the time #3 got in the picture, mister #2 wasn’t completely out of it. But I wouldn’t say there was much going on between me and #2; his mood-swings totally put me off! I went out with him once after our romantic dinner. Of course, after my first experience with him, I insisted on a meeting with friends rather than just two of us. It didn’t went well anyways: he spent all night staring at me while I was trying to have fun  with my girlfriends; and every chance he got to talk to me he was on the same topic that he left of during our first date – he’s so awesome, I’m so lucky!  After this LOVELY catch-up session I started completely avoiding him – bye bye, mister #2; hello and welcome new romances!

#3 appeared in my life in a slow and even quite borring manner. We had one module together at UNI, which led to occasional eye contact, which led to him adding and messaging me on facebook – yes, of course, the fact that he made the first move is very relevant to the story! 😀

After long period of borring and cheesy texting, our ‘relationship’ mooved to the second stage – seeing each other on purposely (yes, marriage is defo the next stage :))We made bets over a volleyball game: he intended to prove that men are better than women in any sports, while I just really wanted to show that I have other talents than just being cute and talking a lot.

Since it was the first time I’ve actually seen him out of uni, I assumed it’s gonna be awkward, but I haven’t realised how MASSIVELY awkward. His open declarations of his sympathy over me in messages, got me into thinking that he’ll at least pay a little attention to me in a real world as well. But he showed up to the game with a lovely girl and barely said hi. Although I was told the girl is his cousin/family friend/almost like sister (they are in relationship right now according to fcb) I still felt awkward when I was made to watch them holding hands, hugging and even kissing on court. Situation got even worst when he lost the game against me and my team and got so upset he didn’t even congratulated us or said goodbye.. He just walked out on us (actually on me, cause other two girls in my team didn’t even knew him) in his own slightly gangsterish manner, hand-in-hand with his cousin/family friend/almost like sister/kissing buddy(?)/lover(??).

I really thought our story gonna end up there, but as soon as his self-confidence were built up back again, he restarted his texting and liking me campaign. One night we ended up in a house party at my friends… By the time the party was coming to an end I wasn’t completely sober and I like to blame the alcohol for the things that have happened that night. When a group of us were walking home #3 started complaining how cold it is and how far his place is, so I, completely innocently and hoping that he’ll say no, offered him to crash my couch (massive NO NO- damn jelly shots!!). Nothing have happened that night, and when I say nothing, I do mean NOTHING (no kisses, no cuddles, no no no). But next morning, filled with uncomfortable silence’s moments and worst hungover ever, only made things between us more awkward.

Our last attempt of getting together was even more unsuccessful (and I really though it was quite imposible), even though it was the only time he actually asked me out. After it I started considerring why some men think that crying in front of women is adorable. Yes, you’ve got me right – mister #3 shedded a few tears during our first official date – his mum was ill and it really upset him. I do get it: you love your mum a lot and it’s adorable, but crying in front of a girl you barely know, really not gonna solve a thing.

I guess saying ‘third time lucky‘ doesn’t always work: #3 – definitely was not my prince charming; 3 get-togethers – didn’t brought us any closer. Well, there still are lot of ‘numbers’ in the world 🙂

P. S. If you (I speak to every lovely female human being on our planet Earth ) are better at any sport than a man: never show it – he will get pissed and you’ll end up being masculine feministic spinster. For ever and ever, amen!

P. S. Do not consume more than a couple jelly-shots around someone you find physically attractive – you’ll end up in trouble!

P. S. S. Beloved men, please do NOT feel free to cry in front of women, cause we don’t think it’s cute.

The word of wisdom were spoken!!!


About Paula Stei

PR girl by trade. Would happilly slap anyone claiming PR is not a profession and Lithuania is a part of Russia. Sociable, ambitious, wannabe-mother-of-five.
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2 Responses to Third time lucky..? NOT!

  1. Unknownbyu says:

    A woman can wear her tears like jewelry. But if a man does cry, it’s very disturbing. Facts are facts, although in poor man’s defense we could say that “he felt safe opening his soul in front of you”. Or just a scam to prove you how “tender” he can be. Either way, he provided you valuable exprience that was shared in a jovial way with the humble public.

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