Big-hearted or Big-headed?

Luckily for me, I‘ve soon got over my socially disasterous `break-up` with #1. Obviously, it would‘ve took me ages without a help from mister #2.

Don‘t want to cause the impression that the only thing I do is going out, but I can‘t lie: I met HIM at a nightclub, as well. Nice and friendly chat led to #2 asking my phone number – hip-hip-hurey! – my stocks in the market gone up and I no longer have to persuade people into getting my contacts.

I recall I was really exited before our first date. No one has took me out for a meal for ages and  #1 doesn‘t really count cause it was only drinks and he made it feel really casual by saying: “You probably have more money than I do, since you have two jobs, so you wouldn’t mind paying for your drink, would you?” Of course I wouldn’t – polite nod and start counting how many hours of McSlavery will pay off my drink  in this quite posh place that he took me to.

Anyways, date with #2 started running smoothly: the conversation was rolling easily and it wasn’t only me talking this time. Although, along the way I started getting worried if one of my fake eye lashes was falling off  (no judgement from my naturalists natives, please – I had to try them out just to fit in and be able to casually chat with lovely local girls about all sort of extensions that is one of the most common topics around here). So my worries reached unexpected dimensions when he literary stopped looking anyplace else but my eyes. I’m not a big romantic, I confess, but those gazes would’ve knocked out even mister Shakespeare. I mean, you do start feeling uncomfortable when a person you barely know is trying to play eye-war with you.

Decision to change romantic surroundings into something busier was like an early Christmas gift for me. But as soon as I started thinking that I could go along with him being over-romantic and he might be someone I would fancy to see again – and again and again, hopefully – he decided to try one of his other seducing techniques on me. His conversion from being big-hearted into big-headed was so sudden I wondered if he has some sort of multiple personality disorder. His level of awesomeness (though that awesomeness wasn’t any obvious to me) was blowing-up right in front of me and soon I was made to discover that I’m very lucky: the most handsome, most intelligent and most funny man on earth took me out for a dinner. By the time we got to the part how awesome he is because he have chose me such an extraordinarily delicious cocktail, I was hysterically texting my friend with a request to come and save me.

After ten more minutes of #2’s stories about his breathtaking appearance and personality my saver showed up claiming that our plan for girls’ night-out can’t be rescheduled and I have to go with her… NOW!

When I said ‘goodbye’ to mister #2, I really meant it. Only later on I found out that he didn’t…


About Paula Stei

PR girl by trade. Would happilly slap anyone claiming PR is not a profession and Lithuania is a part of Russia. Sociable, ambitious, wannabe-mother-of-five.
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4 Responses to Big-hearted or Big-headed?

  1. Paule I really love your blog seriously its funny because everyone has rubbish dates but you are so flipping honest about it. Fantastic blog, fantastic girl 🙂

  2. Tina says:

    Jesus, I would`ve done the same as you. Haha.

    I can`t wait for the post when you announce you found THE ONE though.

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