Older But Not Wiser

For the sake of my impecable reputation as a lovely person – stop rolling your eyes over right now! – I‘ll name my former dates by numbers. You might say that calling actual people #1 or #7 is a little bit inhumane, but only this way I can be sure I won’t be hunt down by men saying I’m making them look bad among their potential dates. Moreover, if one of them would start writing such blog I’d prefer that my name would be covered. Even though, as I already mentioned, I’m a charming lady and everything that’d be said about me and wouldn’t be divine should be taken as big fat lies!!!

So here we go!

I met guy #1 in a night club only a few weeks after I came toSunderland. Since I promised to myself and now to you too that I’m gonna be nothing but honest in this blog, I’ll give you the first crispy detail: I offered my number to poor guy myself, which I pretty much never do.

No no no, don’t get me all wrong, I wasn’t desperate back then – now I’m thinking whether to put ‘back then’ in bold or not… It just was a mash up of circumstances that led me into it: I was new in town and was craving for connections; the night was coming to an end and he was the only guy that caught my eye and I was pretty sure he scanned me several times too; and, of course, the circumstance that never get left aside in funny stories – I was a little drunk.

For my biggest relief #1 looked pleased about the fact that I jogged to him when he was on his way out and offered my number. He took it without arguing and even texted me the morning after – goodbye old times when three days was the soonest term you’ll get a text and hello new days when some men are same impatient as you are!

After about a week of texting we went out. I still don’t know was it the fact that he was half an hour late or the fact that he showed up completely stoned, but I didn’t felt like falling for him. I spent all evening talking about hell knows what – yes I do talk too much sometimes, but I got really bored, while he was staring into his palms weirdly. At the end of the night #1 seemed quite interested – I’m still considering that it may have been the influence of pot rather than my natural charm – and he stated openly that he would love to see me again. I just nodded politely and told him we’ll keep in touch: I swear god I was really planning on!

I’m not a mean person, usually, but my body was just refusing to answer his text for a couple of days. Finally when I talked myself into messaging him back via facebook – at the end of the day he was quite attractive, 27-year-old with a degree, decent job and bearable socializing skills, and you can’t assume a person has a little drug addiction just because he shown up to a first date being high – everything went wrong.

At first #1 claimed that he’ll delete me from his friend list, because I haven’t answered to couple of his texts. When I, obviously unexpectedly to him, answered that he can do so, if he thinks that’ll be the right punishment for my misbehavior, he took some serious action: he BLOCKED me!!!

Sadly, that is exactly how our passionate story ended. At least I learned my lesson: mature men take their facebook relationships seriously and if you want to win a heart of one be prepared to be more active in cyber-world rather than real.


About Paula Stei

PR girl by trade. Would happilly slap anyone claiming PR is not a profession and Lithuania is a part of Russia. Sociable, ambitious, wannabe-mother-of-five.
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7 Responses to Older But Not Wiser

  1. Tina says:

    As a non-british person as well, I am not sure if in this country many people have a drug problem or they smoke “funny things” just for… fun!? … or for the sake of being cool.

    Anyway… the guy couldn`t have been more… childish. Haha

  2. mknashualex says:

    well…his loss:D. I can bet the story abou your dates goes on, so I don’t feel like regretting that it didn’t happen this time. 🙂

  3. keksas says:

    kietas biciukas, gal galvojo jog taip suzaves jaunesne uzseniete. reiks kada taip pabandyt, jauciu nekazka gautusi.:D

    • as manau, kad zodis ‘galvojo’ apskritai sitoj situacijoj netinkama 😀 bet zinoma, gali pabandyt 🙂 pablogink kaip sekes tik poto 😀

      • keksas says:

        reikia tik su ruta suderint ir pasiimt koky stebetoja, nes labai tiketina, jog galima neatsiminti kai kuriu detaliu, kuriu pasekoje gali tekt banint fcb.:D

  4. SamSalesman says:

    well i would hate to get on the wrong side of you paule! i’d be scared in case you blogged about me! 😉 haha

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